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construction dumpster rental near me

At Dumpster Rental Company in Kendall, we offer a wide range of dumpster rental services to contractors, homeowners, and businesses in the Kendall, Florida area. Our job is to get you to get rid of junks and debris whether large or small. We have roll-off dumpsters available in different size categories and we help you choose the right one for you based on the unique needs of the project you intend to embark on.

We are a low cost but effective solution for large scale domestic waste evaluation. Our rental dumpsters are available for a move, home cleanouts, renovation projects, remodeling, and other major projects around the home that might generate a lot of waste. Our experts are on-ground to help you estimate the right container size for you based on the project you intend to undertake.

Our services also include debris removal from construction sites. We understand that construction, demolition, and renovation projects typically generate a lot of waste materials like concrete, rock, wood, and so on. We can have a dumpster delivered on site to haul away the debris as they are being removed to keep your site organized and safe.
We also provide semi-permanent debris and junk removal services in the form of ongoing dumpster rental that makes the dumpster available to you on a long term basis. You can schedule daily weekly or monthly pick up or call us to evacuate the dumpster when it is filled up. Our dumpster rental company serves homes and businesses with effective waste disposal solutions at an affordable price for every project.

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