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construction dumpster rental near me

We are a full-service dumpster rental company serving the Kendall Florida area. We offer rental dumpster containers for rent in a wide range of sizes. Our dumpster sizes range from 10 to 40 cubic yards. Our service area covers residential, commercial, and industrial projects in Kendall and its surroundings. Whether you are simply carrying out a home clean up or simple home renovation project or you are a large scale construction and demolition project anywhere in Kendall Florida, we are the one to call.

Dumpster for residential use in Kendall, FL

We offer dumpsters for rent for residential and neighborhood cleanups in Kendall, Florida, and surrounding areas. For simple garage cleanouts, a relocation, or home renovation project by yourself or by a contractor, you can hire us to have a truck deliver a dumpster to your location anywhere in Kendall for your convenience. We will get you a perfectly sized container for your needs at an affordable price without blowing your budget.

Construction dumpster rental services

We offer reliable construction dumpster rental services to contractors in Kendall, Florida. If you have an ongoing construction project of any kind anywhere in the city and its environs, we are your ideal partner to get rid of all the waste you may generate on that site. We have versatile dumpsters ideal for handling a wide range of construction projects such as demolitions, constructions, landscaping, rooting, and so on. We understand construction debris for a large project can be high volume and delays in evacuation can affect the pace of work. This is why our services in the Kendall area also includes ongoing dumpster rental services to help evacuate construction wastes without delay.

Weight limits

As a rental company, we are committed to providing the best of services but with complete compliance to regulatory standards. Our services in the Kendall area are regulated and there are weight limits in place for different dumpster sizes. Piling a dumpster beyond this capacity may sometimes require you to pay a little extra.

There Are Dumpsters for Specific Materials

Dumpsters are not built all the same. While some are built to handle simple household debris, others are better suited to handle heavy construction debris. When you rent a dumpster with us, we may give you guidelines on the type of materials that can be dumped in it. Our services do not include hauling hazardous and flammable materials. We also offer specific dumpsters for different waste material. This is why fully disclosing the nature of debris you intend to get rid of is a good idea. There are dumpsters for heavy debris and like concrete, blocks, rocks, and so on. We also have dumpsters for municipal solid waste or mixed waste. This is built more for household junks like electronics, clothing, furniture, and so on. Yard waste dumpsters are designed to carry waste from landscaping activities, lawn care, gardening, and other similar outdoor activities.

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