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On Going Rentals

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In most cases, you will require more than one dumpster to effectively handle the waste generated in large construction projects where lots of debris will have to be handled on daily basis. You can sign up for our ongoing dumpster rentals service to simplify and automate the process of debris removal on your construction site.

When Ongoing Dumpster Rentals Come in Handy

Ongoing dumpster rental service is otherwise known as continuing service or empty and return. This is a form of semi-permanent dumpster service for long term disposal-system">waste disposal needs. There are a lot of scenarios that might come in handy. From commercial or office buildings that opt for rental dumpsters to construction sites. Usually, for simple domestic projects, you only need a single dumpster to evacuate all the debris. But for large projects where lots of waste is generated over a longer period, you need waste disposal to be consistently available on site. In this case, being able to schedule ongoing dumpster rental is a much better solution.

How Ongoing Dumpster Rentals Service Works

Ongoing dumpster rental is just like regular dumpster rentals but with long-term prospects in mind. When you place a call through to Dumpster Rental Company in Kendall, our team of experts will assist you through the process of choosing the ideal dumpster size for your project based on the volume of trash and the types of materials you intend to handle. Since a large amount of waste is involved you may get more than one dumpster if there is room for it on the property. When your project starts and the dumpster is filled up, you simply have to make a call and tell us when you need the dumpster to be evacuated. We will come in and empty the dumpster at the landfill then return the empty container to your site for an ongoing project. You can fill it up again and call us when you are ready for pickup.

Flexibility and convenience for ongoing projects

Ongoing dumpster rental services give you the convenience and flexibility of waste disposal for your long-term ongoing projects. The empty and return method makes it easy to handle continuous waste disposal without interruption. The process of swapping a filled dumpster with a new one will only take a short while (usually a few hours depending on traffic at the landfill). In some cases, we may even come with an empty dumpster to replace the container that is being hauled away immediately so there is no interruption to your project at all.

Hassle-Free Dumpster Rentals for Contractors

Managing waste disposal for construction sites is one of the most cumbersome aspects of the job especially for large projects with tons of debris to be evacuated throughout the project. But with ongoing rental services, there is always a dumpster on site, and getting rid of waste has never been easier. There is no down-time and the pick-up and return service is quite a seamless process. You simply have to call or text your request and we will be on-site to pick up your trash.

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